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Simply K 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask Unboxing Plus little experiment

Today New KahShop live steamer will introduce Simply K Ultra Soft Disposable Face Mask, and do some little experiment to test the face mask. Thank you for watching

[首次开箱] Simply K 医用口罩,开箱 + 小测试

口罩牌子繁多, 可是有些牌子的口罩质量和功用都不一定抵挡的了新冠肺炎,今天我们给您带来了 Simply K 医用三层口罩的开箱视频还有三个常见的小实验,看看质量是否达标 谢谢大家的观看与支持 关注我们和点击小铃铛, 我们会给你带来更多的资讯

Simply K Unboxing + Little Experiment

Today Ours Youtuber Live Steamer sofie will open SimplyK 3 Layer Disposable Medical Face Mask, to discover how it is inside look like, and testing with 3 little experiment on the medical mask.

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