CPO Tank Cleaning Service
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Issues at CPO Tank

  • One problem faced by the palm oil mill is the formation of scum in the ponds which occurs as bubbles rise to the surface, thus, taking with them suspended solids.
  • These are scums which are not effectively removed during the pre-treatment stage.
  • The scum and sludge will clump together inside the pond, lowering the effectiveness of the ponds by reducing the volumetric capacity and the HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time).
  • Similarly at the CPO Tank, with a similar problems of scum formation and solid sludge accumulation.
  • The main issue at the CPO Tank due to the formation of scum and sludge might cause the corrosion of the steel structure due to long exposure to hydrogen sulfide – the mills must avoid incidents such as burst and collapse of tank.

Benefits of Our Service 

Recover Storage Capacity
Clear Sticky Substance in Tank
Maintain Tanker Lifetime

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