UltraEjau Mosquito Egg Trap System
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Suitable to be placed in apartment or restaurant areas where it is a hotspot location for Aedes mosquitoes to secrete their eggs. The function of this device is that it will attract mosquitoes to enter this device and lay eggs, and then all the eggs will die. However, the mosquitoes will not die but they will move to another place and lay eggs somewhere else. Mosquito eggs that were laid in new places will also die. The main purpose of this tool is like killing 300 more mosquitoes. Whenever the mosquito lays eggs. The only thing that needs to be changed is the medicine (non-poisonous medicine that has a certificate) once a month.

The habit of the Aedes mosquito is that it will not lay all its eggs only in one place instead it lays some eggs in one place and proceeds to other places to lay the rest of its eggs.

Proven effective against Vectors of Dengue - Aedes mosquito

Scientifically proven reduce Aedes mosquitoes and number of Dengue cases.


How does UltraEjau Mosquito Egg Trap System work?

The special formula with an attractant ingredient lures female Aedes to breed inside METS traps. It disrupting the whole life cycle of Aedes mosquitoes.

Non-pollutant - Environment-safe and eclogy-friendly

All the formulation will remain inside METS and it is only targeted Aedes mosquitoes.

Aedes mosquitoes have not developed chemical resistant

Not a single mosquito can escape or survive from the UltraEjau Mosquito Egg Trap System. The Pyriproxyfen (insect growth regulator) seldom used as chemical (insecticide) control measures for Aedes mosquito in Malaysia, therefore Aedes mosquito can't grow chemical resistant.

Directions for use
Based on the Test Report, each UltraEjau Mosquito Egg Trap System (METS) proves to be effective in a radius of up to 5 meters.

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