Purchase 4 of 5 Litre Surface Disinfection @ FREE Vinor Air Purify
Purchase 4 of 5 Litre Surface Disinfection @ FREE Vinor Air Purify Free Gift Package Promotion Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor Bahru (JB), Penang, Perak Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Kualiti Alam Hijau (M) Sdn Bhd
RM 759.00
RM 360.00
20.000 KG
Purchase 4 of Bottle 5 Litre Surface Disinfector with Only RM 360 Only 😍 And FREE a Vinor Air Purify to you. 

Surface Disinfector  Standard KKM

✴️ Sodium Hypochlorite 5%
✴️ 99.9% effective in disinfection
✴️ MSDS Certification
✴️ Home delivery throughout Malaysia
✴️ You can also buy spots at Penang, Selangor, Johor branches
✴️ Factory direct, bulk buy can be discussed

Need To Disinfect

✴️  Windows
✴️  Walls
✴️  Tables
✴️  Chairs
✴️  Handles
✴️  Buses
✴️  Machinery


✴️  Non Alcoholic
✴️  Non Fragrance
✴️   Non Phthalates
✴️   Sodium Hypochlorite 5%

Surface Disinfector  standard KKM
✴️ Sodium Hypochlorite 5%
✴️ 99.9% berkesan membasmi kuman
✴️ Persijilan MSDS
✴️ Penghantaran sampai rumah seluruh Malaysia
✴️ Anda juga boleh membeli spot di cawangan Penang, Selangor, Johor
✴️ Direct kilang, bulk buy boleh bincang

Perlu Membasmi Kuman
✴️ Windows
✴️ Dinding
✴️ Jadual
✴️ Kerusi
✴️ Mengendalikan
✴️ Bas
✴️ Jentera 
✴️ Tidak Beralkohol
✴️ Tanpa Wangian
✴️ Bukan Phthalates
✴️ Natrium Hipoklorit 5%


Vinor Air Purify Specification: 

Korea Air Purifier PM2.5 HEPA Filter Negative Ion Formaldehyde

3 layer filtration

Non-woven filter can effectively remove hair, dust, mites, etc
Efficient for HEPA filter for removal of PM2.5, smoke, and etc.
Honeycomb Activated Carbon for strong adsorption decomposition of Formaldehyde, Phenol, smoke and mold in the air
Anions will precipitate dust in the air and purify the air
Sterilizer will kill virus and bacteria
LCD Touch Screen Panel
Auto Detect Air Quality
6 Month Warranty

Voltage : 110V / 220V
Rate Frequency : 50Hz / 60 Hz
Rate Power : 35W / 45 W
Application Area : 35 ~ 50 meter cube
Filter Function : Early Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon, Cold Catalyst, Negative Anion, Sterilizer
Noise: <55dB
Timer Setting: 1~8 Hours
Cable Length: 1.2 Meter
Product Size : 31.75 cm X 17.78 cm X 55.88 cm
Weight : 3.0 kg

Packaging Included:
1 x Air Purifier
1 x User Manual
1 x Remote Control

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