Biodispersant (enzymes)
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Bio Dispersant A0085

This is a liquid bacteria formulation for the treatment and maintenance of grease traps. The bacteria in Bio Dispersant break down and digest fats, oils and greases (FOG) along with other organic waste that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines. This is one of the best pre-treatment methods for organic waste to prevent it from entering the drainage system.

Advantages of Bio Dispersant:-

✅ Reduce / remove pollutants
✅ Transform organic waste to water soluble substances
✅ Keep drains clog free
✅ Not damage the drains and grease traps
✅ Odour-control, fresh smelling
✅ Does not contain phospate contamination
✅ Not toxic and does not cause disease (pathogenic)
✅ Safe and environmental-friendly

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