What is an Grease Trap ?
What is an Grease Trap ?

Oil trap (grease trap) is a grease filter made of stainless steel or fiberglass and is a trap or filter tool for oil and grease from the results of washing dishes. This tool will help to separate the oil from the water, so that the oil and grease don't clump or freeze in the drain pipe which will clog the pipe.

These grease traps or grease filters are commonly used for restaurants, eateries, and kitchens. The reason is because restaurants, eateries, and home kitchens can produce a lot of fat/ oil waste that is dumped through the sink drain from dishwashers and cooking utensils. If not removed, then grease will clump in the drain pipe and cause clogging problems.             

Causes Not Using Grease Trap. Pipe Full with waste and Sink got clogged
       When using grease trap, oil and grease got separated from water will be easy to removed.
Oil trap (grease trap) can separate oil from water, this can solve the problem of blockage in the duct pipe. Most of us cook high -fat foods, and wash with cold water. This is why the duct pipe will become clogged, as cold water will cause the fat to freeze in the duct pipe.
By using an oil trap (grease trap) can avoid the problem of blockage in the duct pipe. The grease trap will separate food waste and oil from the water before it enters the duct pipe.
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Published : 2-Dec-2022

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